Scenes that would have been a big problem if they were aired: A problematic scene deleted from “The Red Sleeve”

Below are some TMI/fun facts from some well-known drama series that you might not know before. 

1. “Record of Youth” – Is it because of Park Sodam or because it’s a Korean drama? Netflix’s exclusive streaming series

Record of Youth

-Before the airing of <Record of Youth>, Netflix said in an article on May 31st through the overseas media Variety that it would exclusively stream the drama.

-Through this, Netflix showed that they were interested in Korean Wave contents after seeing Korean original contents such as “Kingdom” and “Extracurricular“, which was aired at the time, and Korean Wave contents such as “Itaewon Class” and “Crash Landing on You” remained at the top of the ranking list overseas.

-On top of that, Park So-dam, whose overseas position has increased due to the movie “Parasite”, was considered to have played a major role, confirming her elevated position.

2. “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo” – Unexpectedly, this drama was highly praised overseas.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo

-The 2016 drama “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo” is surprisingly well-known to Hallyu drama enthusiasts abroad.

-Reddit, an American community site, ranked the series in second after “Goblin” among Korean dramas in 2019.

– In October 2021, it was selected as one of the top 10 K-drama selected by The Guardian, a British daily newspaper. It was possible because of the drama’s good plot.

3. “Who Are You – School 2015” – Kim Sohyun’s exquisite acting behind-the-scenes.

Who Are You - School 2015

Kim So-hyun played two roles by herself during this drama.The secret of Lee Eun-bi and Ko Eun-byeol being played by two people became known through a behind-the-scene footage. In the picture, on the left side is Lee Eun-bi and the right side is Ko Eun-byeol. According to the production team, it was filmed with the help of Lee Ye-eun, a 15-year-old actor with similar physique to Kim So-hyun, along with the use of CG.

4. Yoo In-na, who inherited the character and settings from “Secret Garden” to “Goblin”.


-Sunny’s House in “Goblin” is Lim A-young‘s house in “Secret Garden”, and actor Yoo In-na plays both of those role. Yoo In-na took on 2 different roles in 2 different dramas but both lives in the same house.

–She lived with her friend Gil Ra-im (Ha Ji-won) in “Secret Garden”, and in “Goblin”, even if she lived on a different floor and didn’t live in the same apratment with Ji Eun-tak, it is the same setting of a colleague living with the female protagonist.

5. “The Red Sleeve” – If this problematic scene was aired, it would have been a disaster

The Red Sleeve

– On December 28, Lee Joon-ho and Lee Se-young replaced Kim Shin-young as special DJs for “Noon Song of Hope.” At the broadcast, Lee Se-young talked about the upcoming bed scene of the drama.

“In the bed scene, there will be something of rated R on the screen for a bit.”

She surprised viewers by saying that which made the audience highly expect it to be such a high-level scene.

-However, contrary to what was announced, the bed scene was quite mild. In this regard, Lee Se-young said in an interview, “In fact, there was something I said for greater expectations and attention. Because it’s a historical drama, I thought it would feel more high-class if the characters are shown just kissing without taking off their clothes,” she said.

The Red Sleeve

-The deletion scene mentioned by Lee Se-young is, as Se-young said, “In the script, there was a scene where he kissed her body. I reveal very little flesh. There was a scene where he kissed the letter “Myung” on her back, to protect her a little more. We then made a decision that “it’s beautiful enough without that scene.” In conclusion, I liked it but I think the fans might be disappointed.”

She said with a smile. As explained, the scene was beautiful enough that it might be ruined if a rated R scene was added. 


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