SanE’s “I♡Hidden Camera” scandal: rehearsal video was released, was SanE evil edited?

Rapper SanE has released a rehearsal video of the MBC hip-hop survival show “Target: Billboard – KILL BILL.”

SanE posted a video on Instagram on February 15th with a caption saying, “This is the original rehearsal video on the day of filming Kill Bill.

In the footage, SanE was rehearsing on stage for a recording of ‘Kill Bill’. On the big screen behind the stage, a caption titled “I ♡ Hidden Camera” appears but with the eye-catching red X is drawing attention. It seems that it was a video intended to show antipathy to hidden cameras. However, at the live show, there was no X on the screen which created a misunderstanding.

SanE did not add anything other than the short video and the caption. When the netizens see the video, they posted comments such as “Then was it an evil edit?” and “If that’s so, why did the production team apologize?

Earlier on January 31, SanE was embroiled in allegations of him supporting hidden cameras crime because of some images from the background video during his performance on the show. When the big phrase “I ♡ Hidden Camera” appeared on the big screen during his stage, he was accused of supporting hidden camera crime through the phrase.

After being criticized for the phrase, on Feb 14th, the producing team belatedly posted on the official page of the show “Kill Bill”: “During the “Kill Bill” episode aired on January 31, the expression “I ♡ Hidden Camera” was exposed to the background of the stage for one second during the performance.” and “We have checked everything before airing but the production team had not seen that scene. We apologize to the viewers for not filtering out inappropriate expressions. We will be more careful not to let this happen again in the future.

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