Sandara Park “I like someone younger than me that’s cute and tough… Celebrity crushes are Won Bin and Jung Hae-in”

“Small-eaters” Sandara Park and Park So-hyun mentioned their ideal types.

On Sep 28th,episode 12 of “Ladies With No Appetite” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “HeungManeul Studio”. On this day, YouTuber Pungja appeared as a Muk professor.

In the video, Pungja asked Sandara Park about her ideal type. Sandara Park replied, “Someone younger than me that’s cute and tough.” Pungja continued to ask, “Who’s your celebrity crush?” When Sandara Park showed serious contemplation, Park So-hyun responded coolly, “You should just say it. It’s not like we’re going to introduce them to you.”

sandara park

Sandara Park revealed, “Someone close to my type is Won Bin. So is Jung Hae-In.” Park So-hyun added, “Someone like Rowoon is very close to Sandara’s type in terms of appearance.” Sandara Park went on to say, “They’re all everyone’s type.” Hearing this, Pungja joked, “If there were people like that around me, I would be the first.”

sandara park

Talking about Park So-hyun’s ideal type, Sandara Park said vaguely, “Shin… Shindong.” When Pungja asked “Shin Dong-yup?”, she corrected, “Not Shin Dong-yup, Shindong!” Park So-hyun praised, “Shindong knows the best food combinations. He’s funny and he’s also a great dancer. I don’t think there’s a more perfect man than Shindong.”

sandara park

Hearing this, Pungja suggested, “If we get Rowoon and Shindong here…” Park So-hyun was shy and said, “Don’t call them.”

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