“38kg” Sandara Park: “I don’t have the appetite to eat, I have gone through a day with just a banana”

Sandara Park revealed she had returned to her old weight of 38 kilograms.

Sandara Park, who appeared through a phone call on the podcast broadcast “Song Eun-yi Kim Sook’s Secret Security,” which was released on July 27th, confessed her recent situation.

Sandara Park, who had gained weight up to 47kg while doing “Video Star” with Kim Sook, said on the phone, “I don’t want to go back to that time. I just can’t. I realized that that weight didn’t fit my body,” she recalled.

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“Since I am short, (47kg) is too much for me. My stylist even cried and said, ‘Can’t you lose some weight?’”, she added, “When I moved to a different company and took the new profile photo, the vice president said to me, ‘Oh, you’ve gained a lot of weight,’ so I was ashamed.”

Meanwhile, Kim Sook, who recently met Sandara Park on a web entertainment filming set, said she asked “How many kilograms are you now?” as soon as she saw Sandara Park, and she heard “38kg.” When asked how she lost weight, Sandara Park said, “There are times when stress comes to me at once. My appetite dropped sharply. Living alone also played a role. I was so excited for 3~4 months that I felt lonely eating ramen and I missed home-cooked meals. I didn’t have a appetite, so I held out a whole day with a banana,” she said.

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Sandara Park also disclosed that there were times she was too lazy to eat, and just lied down watching TV without eating anything all day, saying: “You have to feel good to be hungry, and I don’t feel hungry at all when I’m depressed.”

Apparently, the female idol has been this way since childhood.

“My mother was upset. I never really ate much since a long time ago, and there were days when I only drank one Yakult. That’s why I never grow taller. I am not a huge eater, I remember cutting open a bag of ramen noodles in elementary school and finishing it over several days,” Sandara Park said, surprising Song Eun Yi and Kim Sook.

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When Kim Sook asked how she could reduce her cravings, Sandara simply answered: “A lot of people asked me how to do it, but I never really tried. I just got sad and stopped eating. When I was dumped, I couldn’t eat for almost a month and lost a lot of weight.”

The 2NE1 member also shared that contrary to other members, she never had to manage her weight during promotions: “Other members were always on a diet, but I ate fried rice and pork cutlet in front of them. I apologize for only realizing this last year.”

The trainees all have to have their own talents and charming sides

Meanwhile, Sandara Park and Park So Hyun are appearing together in the web entertainment program “Sisters Who Don’t Taste Rice” (literal translation).

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