“I got fired as a beer brand’s model,” Sandara Park confessed that she easily turned red after just a few cups

Singer Sandara Park revealed her weak drinking capacity to the point where her face turned red after just four sips of beer.

On August 31st, Sandara Park and actress Park So-hyun were seen meeting singer Giant Pink and actress Ko Eun-ah to have a drink on YouTube’s web entertainment show “Ladies With No Appetite.”

In this episode, all four celebrities drank beer coolly with steamed monkfish and fried rice as beer snacks.

Unlike Go Eun-ah and Giant Pink, who are known to drink well, Sandara Park slowly drank her beer little by little.

However, Sandara Park’s face and neck were all red in the second half of the broadcast, drawing everyone’s attention.

Sandara Park drank only four sips of beer, but her face was red as if she had drunk a week’s worth of alcohol.

sandara park

Nevertheless, Sandara Park did not stop drinking her beer. She took a cool sip, and even made a cute expression like a beer commercial model.

In fact, Park So-hyun mentioned that Sandara Park had done beer advertisements in the past.

Park So-hyun said to Sandara Park, who was opening a beer coolly, “Please do that. Sandara Park was an advertising model, you know,” she said, asking for a beer CF performance.

Sandara Park agreed without hesitation and started singing her CF song while Ko Eun-ah and Giant Pink envied Sandara Park’s beer commercial.

Park So-hyun said, “But there is a heartbreaking story. Sandara was fired,” revealing the shocking twist.

Sandara Park  bitterly confessed the behind-the-scenes story, saying, “I filmed the ‘Kya’ part 5 million times but still couldn’t renew the contract.”

Meanwhile, Sandara Park was selected as the model for a beer brand with actor Lee Min-ho in 2009.

At that time, Sandara Park released her solo song “Kiss” for the CF, drawing attention by showing perfect harmony with Lee Min-ho.

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