Sandara Park, “After Meeting Bad Guys, Now I Like A Nerd Boy Who Only Loves Me”

Sandara Park went on a trip with her best friend of 17 years Jung Il-woo and shared her thoughts on relationships

On June 28th, the YouTube channel “DARA TV” posted a new video titled, “Kicking Off a Bohol Adventure with Dara’s Friend of 17 Years! | DARATOUR EP.10”.

In the video, Sandara Park went on a trip to the Philippines with actor Jung Il-woo, her close friend for 17 years. As the two are so close, they did not hesitate to make straightforward comments while having a conversation about relationships and dating.

Sandara Park

Jung Il-woo said, “There was never any news about my relationships. I think a lot of heartbreaking loves definitely make you mature”.

Sandara Park replied, “I was barely in a relationship at all. You’d be fired for dating as a trainee. So I’m like, now I want to look for love”.

She continued, “So a heartbreaking love or if you meet a garbage. Then you can select the good from the bad. When I was young, I didn’t understand what older people used to say. Anyway, as I’ve been in relationships and gotten hurt, my ideal type has changed. Now I like a nerd boy who only loves me.”

Sandara Park added, “I’ve always been a workaholic and work gets done no matter what. But Sandara as a woman, I want to love”.

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