Sana’s hip roll at TWICE’s concert in the US went viral

The fancam of Sana rolling her hips is causing a stir in the Kpop fans community.

TWICE is currently holding their TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘Ⅲ’ tour in North America. On February 18th (local time), the group made a stop in Oakland, giving fans explosive stages. Among the members, Sana is going viral with a very sexy 13-second fancam. After watching this video, anyone has to feel sweaty because Sana is too hot!

TWICE Sana’s viral fancam

This is a short fancam recording the moment Sana performs the choreography of Rollin. With only 13 seconds, Sana became the brightest character of TWICE’s night. Seeing her rolling her hips so flexibly, fans could only gasp and scream “Oh my god!”. In Korea, fans are familiar with the cute Sana, but when coming to the US she immediately changes her style to an attractive and sexy version. Fans all fell in love with the beauty’s super sexy aura and top-notch body. Sana really knows how to capture fans’ hearts, from her gestures to her eyes and smile, all of them are excellent.

Sana TWICE Rollin
Sana makes people’s eyes explode with sexy hip rolling
Sana TWICE Rollin
This choreography is not good for the fans’ hearts, Sana!
Sana TWICE Rollin
TWICE is on fire on the US stage!

Some comments:

  • No one thought that Rollin choreography was this hot until TWICE performed it in Oakland.
  • The voice in the video is the feeling of every fangirl. Oh my god!
  • I’m not a fan but I see Sana on Twitter all the time these days.
  • Her body is incredible.
  • Sana is no doubt the best sexy and cute female idol in the 3rd generation!
  • Someone brings Sana back to Korea, she’s too hot in America!!
Sana TWICE Rollin
Sana continuously dominates social media after TWICE’s US concert series
Sana TWICE Rollin
Sana TWICE Rollin
Sana TWICE Rollin
Sana looking straight in the camera made people fall in love
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