Sana (Twice)’s fancam showing off her sexy body went viral on social media

The video received nearly 1.4 million views after 5 days

Recently, Sana (Twice) became the focus of Kpop fans with her fancam for the song Fancy performed at SBS Inkigayo stage. In the video, Sana wears a short, tight dress, showing off her sexy curves and attractive dance moves.

Unlike her usual sweet image, Sana has now transformed into a sexy and mature girl. Sana’s change in her image during this time surprised many fans. Sana is famous for her “cuteness” in Twice. However, through Fancy’s concept, she proved herself that she can fit every style.

After 5 days since it was posted, the video received nearly 1.4 million views with thousands of comments. In addition to the comments that complimented Sana on her beauty and talent, many people complained about the length of her outfit. They said that JYP’s stylist chose a dress that was too short, which made Sana somewhat uncomfortable to perform.

Sana shines in the Fancy live performance
Sana shines in the Fancy live performanceSana’s charisma melted the hearts of many fans.

Recently, Sana was caught up in the controversy after a post related to Japanese politics on Instagram. She was boycotted by a part of Korean netizens. After the incident, Sana became quieter, rarely showed her smile. Currently, she has not regained her comfortable mood despite receiving lots of encouragement from the fans and the group members.

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