Samsung releases official statement regarding FIFTY FIFTY’s ‘Galaxy Z Flip 5’ CF rumors

Samsung Electronics confirmed that speculations of FIFTY FIFTY modeling for ‘Galaxy Z Flip 5’ CF are groundless.

According to Hankyung Newspaper on July 11th, Samsung Electronics said, “We have never signed a contract with FIFTY FIFTY as advertising models for Flip 5. We have a principle of not using celebrities as Galaxy advertising models to prevent the risk of private life issues.”

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The rumor that FIFTY FIFTY failed to appear in Samsung’s global corporate CF for Flip 5 was spread because of the OST “Barbie Dreams” they sang for the movie “Barbie”.

FIFTY FIFTY had recorded the “Barbie” OST and even planned to shoot a music video but the filming was canceled due to the group’s contract dispute.

Later on the 7th, FIFTY FIFTY’s OST was released on their official Youtube channel with only the logo of Barbie. In particular, the lyrics “Flips phones dipped in diamonds and pearls” was the reason why netizens raised speculations that there might be a collaboration CF of “Barbie”, FIFTY FIFTY, and Galaxy Flip 5, which will be introduced by Samsung on the 26th.


Meanwhile, netizens who read Samsung Electronics’ position commented, “Let’s make CEO Jeon Hong Joon, who used the recording function well, as a model“, “Samsung seems to have properly seen the effect thanks to CEO Jeon Hong Joon“, “The recording function is awesome“…

On the other hand, on July 5th, the 50th Civil Division of the Seoul Central District Court held the first hearing regarding FIFTY FIFTY’s injunction application for the suspension of exclusive contracts with their agency Attrakt. FIFTY FIFTY claimed that they could no longer continue exclusive contracts due to Attrakt’s violation of the obligation to provide settlement data transparently and faithfully, violation of the members’ physical and mental health care obligations and lack of support for entertainment activities.

fifty fifty

Attrakt refuted, “The members raise doubts about Attrakt’s ability, but we invested approximately 8 billion won. We poured all of Attrakt’s assets and even borrowed funds from the CEO’s mother. It is excessive to make claims based on speculations that ignore the fact that we invested a significant amount of money, around 8 billion won, and to say that we have no ability.”

On July 7th, Attrakt filed an additional criminal complaint against The Givers, saying, “In the process of organizing the transfer of business data, The Givers’ embezzlement without prior consultation with Attrakt was discovered. After confirming with the service contract company, it was revealed that The Givers had forged false service contracts and embezzled money.”

Source: Wikitree

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