Ryu Seung-ryong to reunite with director Lee Byung-hun of “Extreme Job”, playing the lead role of “Sweet and Sour Chicken” (literal title)

Actor Ryu Seung-ryong will appear in director Lee Byung-hun’s new drama “Sweet and Sour Chicken.”

According to Joy News24 coverage on august 12th, Ryu Seung-ryong has been positively considering appearing in director Lee Byung-hun‘s “Sweet and Sour Chicken.”

“Sweet and Sour Chicken,” which will be a 12-episode remake of the webtoon of the same name, is a new drama directed by director Lee Byung-hun of the movies “Extreme Job,” “Dream,” “Twenty,” and the drama “Be Melodramatic.”

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The original webtoon is a dark comedy genre about what happens when people get turn into sweet and sour chicken due to a mysterious machine, and those involved in it die and disappear. Through director Lee Byung-hun’s adaptation, “Sweet and Sour Chicken,” which will be a new addition to his chicken series following “Extreme Job,” is expected to be a fresh material that has never been seen before.

Ryu Seung-ryong, who appeared as the team leader and made the audience laugh in “Extreme Job,” will meet director Lee Byung-hun again with “Sweet and Sour Chicken.” Director Lee Byung-hun expressed his strong trust and affection in actor Ryu, saying, “I had confidence in Ryu Seung-ryong” during an interview for “Extreme Job.” Expectations are rising for this long-awaited reunion.

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Ryu Seung-ryong, who made his debut in Chungmuro with the movie “Someone Special,” won the title of “10-million-audience lead actor” with the films “Masquerade,” “Miracle in Cell No. 7,” “The Admiral: Roaring Currents” and “Extreme Job.” He has also established himself as a “trustworthy actor” by securing his global recognition with Netflix’s original “Kingdom” series.

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In addition to the movie “Life is Beautiful,” which is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2022, “Sweet and Sour Chicken” will be added to Ryu Seung-ryong’s filmography ahead of the release of “Jung’s Ranch,” “Bi-kwang,” and Disney+ Original “Moving.”

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