Ryu Jun Yeol shared why he cried at Yoo Hae Jin’s words: “He is not the type to compliment people”

Actor Ryu Jun Yeol revealed why he shed tears at Yoo Hae Jin’s praise.

SBS Power FM’s “Park Ha Sun’s Cine Town,” which aired on the morning of Nov 24th, featured Ryu Jun Yeol from the movie “The Night Owl” as a guest.

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Ryu Jun Yeol, who appeared on “Cine Town” in July, said he lost 5kg at the time. When asked by the listeners if he had recovered the lost weight, he said, “I have lost more than then. The role I’m filming now requires me to lose a little more weight.” Talking about his body fat level that could be compared to a national athlete, he said, “I just lost weight, but my body fat also decreased. I heard that my body fat ratio is similar to athletes from Jincheon Athletes’ Village,” he explained.

The movie “The Night Owl,” starring Ryu Jun Yeol, is a thriller about a blind acupuncturist, who can only see at night, and his journey to reveal the truth after witnessing the death of the Crown Prince.

Regarding the movie, he said, “I’m a lazy actor, so I tend to avoid if that role has a handicap or if I have to prepare something. However, I read this script with immersion and excitement. I thought the audience would be taken away by the fast pace. It was so much fun that I really wanted to participate.”

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When asked about Yoo Hae Jin, with whom he worked together for the third time, Ryu said, “Our teamwork was so good. It was a different chemistry than before.” Earlier, Ryu Jun Yeol shed tears at Yoo Hae Jin’s praise at the movie’s press conference. In response to that, he said, “About my tears, I learned a lot and heard a lot of good things from him on the filming set, but I felt a lot of what he said because I was deeply moved by him. He is not the type to compliment people, but I was thrilled to hear him say good things about me in public like that,” he said.

He also reunited with actor Choi Moo Sung, who also appeared in “Reply 1988.” He said, “It’s been a long time since we met, but at that time, it was awkward because we didn’t get many scenes together. However, this time, we got closer by acting together for a longer period of time. He is so warm. He joked, and brightened up the atmosphere on the set,” he complimented.

Source: OSEN

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