Ryu Jun-yeol, “I learn gymnastics with Kim Tae Ri, she almost lived in the gym” 

Actor Ryu Jun-yeol showed off his chemistry with Kim Tae-ri, who he worked together once again in “Alienoid” following “Little Forest.”

Ryu Jun-yeol of the movie “Alienoid” (director Choi Dong-hoon) appeared as a guest in the “Cine Invitation” section of SBS Power FM “Park Ha-sun’s Cine Town,” which aired on July 27th. On behalf of DJ Park Ha-sun, who was absent due to her filming schedule, her husband Ryu Soo-young appeared as the special DJ.

Ryu Jun-yeol, who plays the role of Taoist Moo-reuk, said, “I learned how to do gymnastics to act,” adding, “I got a lot of help because I was with people preparing for various events such as the entrance exam and the actual Olympics. I can’t be perfect in a short period of time like them, but I was in awe when I saw them focusing their whole lives on one place like that,” he said.

Ryu Jun-yeol also mentioned actress Kim Tae-ri, who co-starred in “Alienoid.” He said, “Kim Tae-ri is much better at gymnastics than I am and is passionate. (Kim Tae-ri) almost lived in the gym. One day, I went to the gym and saw Kim Tae-ri sleeping there, and the other day, she was just reading a book. She spent a lot of time in the gym and focused on improving her action acting skill,” he said.

When DJ Ryu Soo-young said, “In an interview, Kim Tae-ri called Ryu Jun-yeol ‘beloved actor’,” Ryu Jun-yeol said, “Tae-ri is a friend who has a lot of love. I think it’s because we met again after ‘Little Forest’. I’m not good at expressing myself because I’m shy, but I also love Kim Tae-ri,” he replied.

The first part of the movie “Alienoid”, which was released on July 20th, depicts the story that happened after the door of time opened between the Taoist masters trying to take over a legendary sword in the late Goryeo Dynasty and those chasing alien prisoners imprisoned in human bodies in 2022. The movie is currently being shown in high praise.

Source: daum

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