“Running Man” ranks 1st in viewership ratings in the same time slot before the 600th episode

With the 600th episode ahead, “Running Man” solidified its first place in terms of viewership ratings in the same time slot.

SBS’ “Running Man“, which aired on April 17th, maintained the top spot in the same time slot with a 2049 rating (target index) of 3.2% and an average rating of 4.6% (hereinafter, based on Nielsen Korea’s metropolitan area and household standard). The highest rating per minute soared to 7%.

On this day’s broadcast, the members chose a check card with the production team’s name one by one, and finally, one person with a balance close to 0 won won. Among them, the bankrupt members had to swipe their cards in anxiety as they had to change into farmhand clothes and become farmhands.

Running Man

The first payment was at a convenience store. Kim Jong-kook nagged the members who randomly picked up ramen and daily necessities like “Salty Jong-kook”, but the final amount came out at 99,900 won. Ji Suk-jin, who came last in the game, had to pay 60,000 won, but became the first farmhand after the balance of 10,000 won was confirmed.

Running Man

After that, a “personal color diagnosis” was carried out. The counselor drew laughter with a diagnosis reminiscent of cramming education. Among them, Yoo Jae-suk revealed his firm taste. When the counselor offered a toned-down color, he said, “I don’t like dark things.” The final payment was 210,000 won, and Jeon So-min became a farmhand while everyone was making small payments.

Running Man

The third payment was for the restaurant. The meal cost 195,000 won, and the members began to roll their heads for the balance of 0 won. Jeon So-min even paid by her own money to prevent Haha from doing his calculations. The last order was facial care. Yoo Jae-suk and Yang Se-chan, who were selected as “messy faces”, received them, and they tried massaging Jeon So-min and Ji Suk-jin, respectively. Everyone started yelling and various photogenics poured out, giving a big laugh.

Running Man

The total amount of payment came out to 400,000 won, and Jeon So-min paid 300,000 won by her own money once again. In such an attempt, candidates with a balance of more than 10,000 won poured out, and Kim Jong-kook took the championship with only 100 won left. Penalty candidates decided on the final penalty by playing the Pirate Roulette game, and Song Ji-hyo confirmed the penalty. This scene occupied the “best 1 minute” with a maximum rating of 7% per minute.

Song Ji-hyo appeared in the middle of Gangnam wearing a sword in her farmhand outfit and suffered the humiliation of buying things with her personal card. Meanwhile, “Running Man”, which airs on April 24th, will be decorated with the long-awaited 600th race.

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