RM confessed that he went to 8 convenience stores to get a pack of Pokémon bread, “Please produce more…”

BTS member RM joined the hunt for “Pokémon Bread”.


On March 9th, RM posted a photo of a type of Pokémon bread on his Instagram and wrote, “Rocket Team Choco Roll is back”.

He then complained by saying, “Please sell more”, and adding a crying emoticon. It seems that RM has only been able to buy this Pokémon bread after stopping by 8 convenience stores.

RM also drew laughter by asking the Choco Roll and Gastly (a type of Pokémon) Choco cake bread to be produced 10 times more. 


Netizens greatly sympathized with RM’s sincere request and responded, “You found one. How amazing”, “Please increase the production quickly”.

Pokémon bread is a kind of bread that was really popular in Korea from the 1990s to the 2000s. The production of Pokémon was discontinued in 2006 but has recently been relaunched and the bread has suddenly been selling like hotcakes to the extent that it is in short supply.

One of the secrets that made Pokémon bread so popular is that it contains stickers in every pack so buyers can collect them to complete their Pokémon stickers collection.


This Pokémon bread is currently “out of stock”. The hunt for this snack has become so intense that the stickers in the 1500 won bread are being traded at 30,000 won on trading apps for secondhand items.

Many celebrities, including MONSTA X Jooheon, rappers Lee Young-ji, Deepflow, etc., have also joined the Pokémon bread hunt, attracting great attention.

Meanwhile, RM once said on a live broadcast in the past that one cup of Paldo Bibimmyeon was too small, so Samyang, the production company, decided to release a limited edition of cup noodles with a 20% increase in size.

Attention is focusing on whether RM’s tremendous influence can also take effect with the Pokémon bread production this time.

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