Reveal the true complexion of Korean stars after removing the beauty filter: Song Hye Kyo shows signs of age, Song Joong Ki forever young? 

When there is no shimmering filter layer on the film, what does the Korean cast look like?

Not only taking photos with filters, even Korean dramas also use this “beauty technology” in filming to make the actors look more sparkling. So what will happen when this beauty filter gets removed?

Song Joong Ki

In Vincenzo, Song Joong Ki has shown off his beautiful appearance as a mafia with smooth skin. In the promotional clips which show the behind the scenes of the drama, Song Joong Ki is still excellently beautiful, his “baby-wise” face does not look like a person in his 40s.

song joong ki
song joong ki
Pictures on screen (left) and real life (right)

Song Hye Kyo

Now, We Are Breaking Up is an extremely boring drama, but it is undeniable that the beauty of Song Hye Kyo on screen is such a masterpiece.  When the filter is removed, Song Hye Kyo‘s face is still beautiful and fresh, but still has a sense of age, the skin is not as bright and smooth as it was in the movie.

song hye kyo

Lee Ji Ah

Joining Penthouse when she is in her 40s, but Lee Ji Ah‘s beauty is so excellent that no one dares to believe that she is 43 years old. The image of Lee Ji Ah in reality is not as beautiful as it was in the drama with eye bags and skin that is not really smooth. However, compared to the age of 43, this beauty still deserves 10 out of 10 points.

lee ji ah
lee ji ah


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