Resilient K-drama mothers who rise above their circumstances and fight for their own lives

These three K-drama mothers have moved the audience with unimaginable strength and resilience in the face of ordeal.

Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran) – The Good Bad Mother

Of late, Ra Mi Ran stars in the drama “The Good Bad Mother” as Young Soon, owner of a pig farm. As expected from a veteran actress, Ra Mi Ran fleshes out a complicated and troubled mother who struggles to continue living and raising her son following her husband’s death.

Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran) – The Good Bad Mother

In the past, Young Soon was a happy woman and a happier marriage. Unfortunately, her husband was murdered by CEO Woo Byeok when she was pregnant with the couple’s child. Determined to continue her life and give birth to her child, Young Soon moved to a new village and started her life from scratch.

Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran) – The Good Bad Mother

From a woman with nothing, Young Soon was able to build a pig farm and raised her son, Kang Ho (Lee Do Hyun) into a talented, young prosecutor.

However, when Kang Ho grew older, he was determined to cut his mother off to be Woo Byeok’s son-in-law. Yet, an accident occurred and Kang Ho was a 7-year-old child again. This time around, Young Soon has the chance to raise him to be a better person.

Often finding herself in difficult situations, Young Soon never gives up on faith. Despite her son’s cold and distant attitude to her, she still goes to great lengths to take care of him. She acknowledges her wrongs while raising Kang Ho for the first time, albeit out of goodwill. When Young Soon is presented with a chance to make it right, she actively grasps it. Young Soon is truly a determined and loving mother.

 Cha Jung Sook (Uhm Jung Hwa) – Doctor Cha

Doctor Cha” Cha Jung Sook is decidedly a caring mother and a good-hearted woman. In 20 years, she has spent her life devoted to family affairs, only to be treated with scorn. Nonetheless, Jung Sook always treats them with gentleness.


Jung Sook even got a credit loan for her daughter’s art school. All she wanted was for her children to be happy with their choices.

However, her efforts were not mutual. Her husband was indifferent to her health conditions and even opted out of a liver donation when she needed it. More shockingly, the husband has been having an affair for years without his wife ever doubting him. 


Jung Sook made mistakes in the past. However, she is a good person at heart who wants nothing but the best for her loved ones, regardless of how poorly they treat her in return. Hopefully, when more secrets are revealed, Jung Sook can learn to care for herself and lead her own life.

Jung Gum Ja (Kang Mal Geum) – The Good Bad Mother

Another mother who carries a lot of worries on her shoulders is Jung Gum Ja – Young Soon’s neighbor. She lives a poor life and is frequently physically abused by her husband. While she struggled to make ends meet, the husband was out and about to flirt with other women.

When she is older, Gum Ja is taking care of her two grandchildren. She might be bitter out loud; yet, at heart, she still cares for them. She also never turns away when her neighbor, Young Soon, needs help.

Source: Dienanh 

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