Released 11 years ago, “Face” by NU’EST suddenly goes viral again due to recent school violence issues

“Face”, the debut song of the boy group NU’EST, contains a message about school violence commonly experienced by teenagers. “Face” honestly and sincerely reflects the emotions of teenagers and implies that all generations should deeply think about social issues, such as school violence, and sympathize with the victims.

As the topic might have been too heavy for the rookie group NU’EST to handle, “Face” was not well-received at the time it was released.


However, after 11 years, “Face” is being re-examined and receiving keen attention again amid recent events, such as the departure of Hwang Young Woong and Kim Hyun Jae from a program due to school violence suspicions and the popularity of Netflix’s drama “The Glory“, which depicts the revenge of a school violence victim.

The lyrics, such as “You know it hurts when it breaks”, “So that’s how you have gone this far”, “You learn bad things faster than anyone else, shh”, etc., caught the public’s attention as they seem to mock school violence perpetrators and expresses the recent issues.

In addition, the chorus of “Face” is spreading like a trend on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube shorts, and many other platforms. The addictive new choreography, which expresses the lyrics well and is easy to follow, has captured the hearts of netizens and led to numerous dance challenges.

11 years have passed since its release, “Face” music video suddenly rose to No.47 on the ‘Trending Music Video TOP 100’ on Youtube Korea. In the comments section of the music video, people left comments such as “I discovered this through YouTube Shorts, and it still sounds so good”, “I can’t believe this song is from 11 years ago”, and “The song is so good. I even thought it has just been released”, etc.


The rediscovery of “Face” has naturally aroused public interest in NU’EST. However, NU’EST already ended their 10-year journey together by releasing the album “Needle & Bubble” in March last year. Nevertheless, fans are still raising hope for a group comeback someday.

With the recent popularity of “Face”, many K-pop fans are also wondering whether NU’EST will once again stand in front of the public as a complete group.

Source: Daum

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