Red Velvet’s Joy Leaves a Message for Fans After Suspending Activities for Health Reasons

On May 4th, Red Velvet Joy sent a new message to fans through the private messaging service Bubble.

In the message, she said, “I always felt heavy-hearted when I thought of Luvies (Red Velvet’s fans) who might be tired and worried in vague waiting. Now I’m getting a little better and belatedly greeting you.

She added, “I’m resting well and recovering. It was uneasy and difficult to spend time only for myself by putting down everything, but I’m overcoming it well thanks to the members, company staff, and Luvies who understood and worried about me.”

Red VelvetJoy

Joy apologized, saying, “I’m sorry that I couldn’t stand on stage with you at the concerts.”

She also mentioned that when each member of Red Velvet contacted her, they all said, “You are a priority! Take care of yourself first, Sooyoung!” and expressed that it gave her great strength. She added, “When it’s difficult, express that it’s difficult and take care of yourself first. Then we can all be happy together when we meet again.”

Lastly, Joy said, “I’m sorry, thankful, and I want to see you again soon. I love you.”

Fans also sent Joy words of encouragement such as “I support you,” “I love you Joy,” “Let’s meet healthily next time,” “Take your time to recover,” and “Health is the most important thing.

Red Velvet

Previously, on April 26th, SM Entertainment, announced Joy’s suspension of activities through an official statement.

SM Entertainment said, “Joy recently visited a hospital due to poor physical condition and received medical advice that treatment and stability are necessary through counseling and examination.” They further announced that she plans to take a break and focus on recovering her condition, not participating in any schedules for the time being.

Although Joy’s exact health status is unknown, she was absent from the recording of SBS’s TV show “TV Animal Farm,” which she regularly appeared on, and temporarily suspended all activities.

Red Velvet has been on a world tour and meeting fans in 10 cities around the world, including Yokohama, Manila, Paris, Berlin, and London.

Source: wikitree. 

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