Red Velvet’s Irene shows her confident sitting posture in a new video, “She sits cross-legged while wearing a short skirt…”

Red Velvet’s Irene personally revealed her daily life for the time in a while.

Irene posted a short video on her Instagram Story on March 29th.

Irene Red Velvet

She added the caption, “Thank you our members”. What caught the eyes of fans is Irene in the video.

The released video showed Irene eating lunch boxes. Irene smiled shyly as soon as she found out that she was being filmed.

Irene Red Velvet

She wore a short skirt and ate comfortably while sitting crossed-legged. Because of the skirt style, this sitting posture can be a bit uncomfortable.

Irene Red Velvet

Irene’s group – Red Velvet released their new mini-album “The ReVe Festival 2022-Feel My Rhythm” and began to promote new songs on March 21st. 

Irene Red Velvet

Earlier, controversies arose as a magazine editor exposed Irene’s bad attitudes toward officials in the entertainment industry and staff. Irene later admitted her mistake, apologized, and suspended her activities for a long time for self-reflection. 

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