Red Velvet’s Irene once dropped to the floor amid a live broadcast, shocking Park Bo Gum, what happened?

Park Bo Gum got all nervous when Irene suddenly fainted while the two were MCing live on Music Bank. 

Red Velvet’s Irene and Park Bo Gum are one of the most well-loved MC duos of KBS’s Music Bank. Although they only hosted the weekly music show for about a year (from May 2015 to June 2016), they were super popular thanks to their equally great MC skills, matching visuals, and natural, adorable chemistry. At the time, many viewers even said they only tuned in to Music Bank to watch Irene and Park Bo Gum. The two shared many cute moments during a year working together, but their most iconic moment is definitely what happened on April Fool’s Day 2016. 

irene, park bo gum
Irene and Park Bo Gum are one of the most loved Music Bank MC duos 

Specifically, on the April 1st episode of Music Bank broadcast in 2016, during one of the MC segments when Park Bo Gum was introducing the next idol group to go on stage, Irene suddenly showed a strange expression on camera like she was feeling unwell and about to faint. She then collapsed to the floor and sounded like she was suffering from some pain. Park Bo Gum got so surprised and confused that he was left speechless for a few seconds. He bent down, held Irene’s shoulder, trying to help her get up while professionally keeping the show going. 

irene, park bo gum
Irene fell to the floor next to Park Bo Gum, making him so surprised that he couldn’t react
irene, park bo gum
Park Bo Gum tried to continue with the show although he was very confused 

After that, Irene slowly got up, still looking like she was so weak she couldn’t stand up straight. Since it was in the middle of a live broadcast, Park Bo Gum tried to stay calm and keep a smile on his face, even though he couldn’t hide his bewildered and worried expression at Irene’s condition. However, lifting her head, Irene suddenly laughed and said, “It’s a joke! Today’s April Fool’s Day. Bo Gum, you got shocked, right?”.

irene, park bo gum
Park Bo Gum was worried as Irene looked so tired that she couldn’t stand up straight…
irene, park bo gum
… but just a few seconds later, she revealed it was all an April Fool’s prank!

Turns out, Irene was totally fine. She was only pulling a prank on Park Bo Gum. Her acting was so convincing that Park Bo Gum was successfully fooled. He reacted as a reflex and completely forgot that it was April Fool’s Day.  

While Irene was giggling because her prank succeeded beyond expectations, Park Bo Gum was frozen as he couldn’t believe he had just fallen for that.

irene, park bo gum
Park Bo Gum was stunned while Irene was excited she nailed the prank

Although it has been 6 years since this hilarious situation happened, it remains one of the most memorable April Fool’s pranks an idol has ever pulled on camera! Park Bo Gum and Irene not only boasted lovely chemistry, but his reaction when she “fainted” also showed how sweet and caring he was towards his female colleague.

Irene pranked Park Bo Gum on Music Bank (April 1st, 2016)
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