Red Velvet Wendy took first place for “No.1 Female Singer to Watch the Sunset With”

Wendy, a member of girl group Red Velvet, was selected as the female idol fans most want to watch the sunset with.

From November 14th to November 20th, Ten Asia conducted a survey on the Top 10 Ten Asia website with the theme of “Which female singer would you like to watch the sunset with?”

In the poll, Red Velvet Wendy won 234 hearts and secured first place. Her group, Red Velvet, is going to release their new mini album “The ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday” on November 28th. 

red velvet wendy

The new song “BYE BYE” in this album is an R&B pop dance song with a groovy blend of dynamic gliding bass and cool string sounds. Its lyrics, which calmly states a goodbye to a lover and expresses determination to never again be swayed by love, combined with chic vocals, add to the mature charm of the song. Another song, “On A Ride”, is a hyper-pop dance track with an impressive pluck sound that glides rhythmically over a light beat. It presents a lively and fantastic feeling, as if sending listeners to an amusement park. Other songs, such as “ZOOM” and “Celebrate”, will also be featured in the album. 


Second place went to Secret Number Dita with 231 hearts. On November 16th, the group released their 5th single album “TAP” and title song of the same name. The song contains Secret Number‘s candid and bold energy, as well as an unstoppable message to “tap” the heart of a significant other while getting closer to them. 

NMIXX Haewon received 178 hearts and placed third. The girl group NMIXX, which recently dropped a special Christmas song, is preparing an event to communicate with fans. In particular, they will be holding the “NMIXX Funky Glitter Christmas Meet & Call” on November 26th, alongside a face-to-face and a video call fansign. 

NMIXX Haewon

Currently, the Top 10 Ten Asia website is also holding polls for “Which female singer would you like to enjoy the World Cup with?”, “Which male singer would you like to enjoy the World Cup with?”, “Which female singer would suit you well if you debuted as an announcer?”, and “Which female singer would suit you well if you debuted as an announcer?”

Source: daum

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