Red Velvet Seulgi boasted muscular abs from exercising, reversal charms ahead of solo debut 

Seulgi, a member of Kpop girl group Red Velvet, showed off her healthy beauty.

On September 6th, the fashion magazine Elle released a sports brand pictorial that features Red Velvet Seulgi.

Seulgi Elle

The pictorial, which adopts the concept of enjoying various sports such as running, stretching, and basketball at the gym, has Seulgi showing a variety of unique chic and hip charms, as well as a strong healthy beauty built up through steady exercising.

Seulgi Elle

In particular, the female idol completes the energetic atmosphere through her natural appearance, which is already shining without needing to be stronger or more beautiful.

Seulgi Elle

Seulgi’s attractive pictorial can be found in the September issue of Elle and the magazine’s social networking site (SNS) account.

Seulgi Elle

On the other hand, Seulgi is reportedly preparing for her 1st solo album, which is set to be released this October. 

Source: Dispatch

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