Red Velvet Joy captivates fans with her sophisticated visual in a mesh skirt

The unique skirt of Red Velvet member Joy is drawing keen attention.

On March 9th, Joy posted several photos on her Instagram account without a caption.


The photos capture Joy at a fashion photoshoot set. What draws the most attention is the bold design of her bottom, which contrasts with her simple white sleeveless top. The outfit that Joy chose was a skirt with a mesh-like pattern with holes. The female singer added a seductive atmosphere to the shoot with her dreamy expressions and elegant poses.

In response to Joy’s style, netizens exclaimed, “What a unique skirt”, “Gorgeous”, “Why is she opening her eyes like that?”, “Princess in the mirror”, “Unnie is so pretty”, “Shouldn’t Crush get taxed twice, no, three times?”, “Crush, close your eyes”, etc.


Thanks to her charming, lovely yet stylish image, Joy is receiving love calls from many fashion brands. She is currently working as an ambassador for the Italian luxury brand TOD’S. Recently on the 8th, Joy was announced to have been selected as an exclusive model for the water sports brand BARREL.

Joy’s group Red Velvet will be holding a solo concert after three years and five months. They will perform their 4th solo concert “Red Velvet 4th Concert: R to V” at the KSPO Dome in Seoul Olympic Park on the 1st and 2nd of next month.


In particular, the venue can accommodate around 10,000 spectators, raising high expectations as it is known as a representative venue for idols’ concerts in Korea.

Red Velvet’s first solo concert “Red Room” was presented in August 2017 at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park (around 2,000 seats). Their second solo concert “Redmare” was staged in August 2018 at SK Handball Stadium in Olympic Park (around 4,000 seats). Also, their third solo concert “La Rouge” was held in November 2019 at Korea University’s Hwajeong Gymnasium (around 5,000 seats).

red velvet concert

Source: Wikitree

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