Red Velvet Joy amazes fans with her professional handling of issues onstage

Red Velvet Joy shows off professionalism while coming across issues onstage.

After many pushbacks and much waiting, Red Velvet finally got a chance to carry out their “R to V” world tour. During nights of stunning performances, Joy stood out for her professional handling of issues that took place during stage performances.

While Red Velvet was performing “Psycho”, one of Joy’s gloves was caught with her necklace and she could not move her hand. At that moment, Joy calmly removed the glove and threw in to the side of the stage. She carried out the rest of the performance as if nothing had happened.

Joy came across an issue with her gloves during the “Psycho” performance.

This is not the first time Joy received praise for her handling issues on stage. During her performance of the “Dumb Dumb” stage, the bracelet she was wearing was hitting her wrist so bad it turned red. To solve the issue, she gently removed the accessory and continued performing as usual. After the performance ended, she picked up the bracelet so that it would not cause any problems to other stages.

Joy’s wrist turned red because of an accessory. (Image: Pinterest)

On another occasion, during the promotion for “Russian Roulette”, Joy had an injury on her left knee and had to wear bandage. Joy proceeded with the stage and put on a bright smile despite the pain.

Joy performed on stage with a knee bandage. (Image: Mnet)

In another time, during the promotion for “With You”, Joy experienced a wardrobe malfunction when the hardware of the in-ear monitor attached to the back of her outfit was pulling down her dress. Joy’s solution was to keep the dress in place, while maintaining a calm and collected attitude. Luckily, nothing bad happened.

The singer had to keep her dress in place while performing (Image: Mnet)

Source: YAN News 

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