“Red Swan” Rain “Small eyes, I even fasted for eye acting”

Rain revealed efforts behind eye acting in "Red Swan"

On the morning of July 2nd, the press conference for Disney+’s original series “Red Swan” was held at Conrad Seoul in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. Attendees included actors Kim Ha-neul, Rain (Jung Ji-hoon), Jung Gyu-woon, Seo Yi-sook, Ki Eun-se and director Park Hong-kyun.

Rain, who plays Seo Do-yoon, a bodyguard of the Hwain family, shared, “I wanted the action scenes to look cool, so I had many conversations with the martial arts director. I paid a lot of attention to these aspects during filming.”

jung ji hoon

He added, “Instead of having many cuts, we aimed for long takes to show the full scope of the action. I haven’t seen the final product yet, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Rain, who had to portray deep emotions toward Wan-soo (Kim Ha-neul) even in extreme situations, confessed, “It was very challenging. When you’re sad, you have to show sadness; when you’re lonely, you have to show loneliness, but I couldn’t use words and had to convey everything with my eyes. That was difficult.

Confident in his “eye acting”, Rain said, “I have small eyes, so to prevent them from swelling, I fasted the night before or ran for 30 minutes before shooting.

“Red Swan” tells about Wan-soo, who dreamed of a perfect life in the upper class by marrying the heir of Hwain Group, encountering Do-yoon, a bodyguard who wants to protect her, and facing the secret of Hwain Family.

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