“Red Balloon” unveils still cuts of Seo Ji Hye and Lee Sang Woo’s hot kiss scene on the sofa in new episode

Seo Ji Hye and Lee Sang Woo will present a deep affectionate scene in the new episode of “Red Balloon”.

On February 19th, TV Chosun’s weekend drama “Red Balloon” released new still cuts of Seo Ji Hye and Lee Sang Woo.

In episode 17, Cho Eun Gang (Seo Ji Hye) was seen counterattacking Han Ba Da (Hong Soo Hyun). Cho Eun Gang, who was getting more anxious while being looked down on, got angry at Go Cha Won (Lee Sang Woo) when he appeared at the meeting with Han Ba Da. She met Han Ba Da and made a provocative remark, saying “Since the situation already turns out this way, can’t I just become you?”, signaling another fight.

Seo Ji Hye Lee Sang Woo

In episode 18, which will air on the evening of February 19th, Seo Ji Hye and Lee Sang Woo will have an affectionate scene. In this scene, Cho Eun Gang and Go Cha Won will express their explosive feelings for each other on a sofa.

The released still cuts show Cho Eun Gang and Go Cha Won naturally heading to the sofa while sharing a deep kiss. Like any other couple, the two reveal their affection and love for each other without hesitation. Attention is focused on whether Cho Eun Gang will be able to take over Han Ba Da’s position as her declaration of counterattack and have a marriage with Go Cha Won.

The production team said, “After Cho Eun Gang declared her counterattack against Han Ba Da in episode 17, there will be a scene that makes you curious about the relationship between Cho Eun Gang and Go Cha Won”, adding “Will Cho Eun Gang reverse the situation as she planned? Or will there be another unexpected twist? Please watch episode 18 to find out about that”.

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