“Red Balloon” Seo Ji Hye makes a shocking transformation into Hong Soo Hyun…Short hairstyle and outfit are the same

Seo Ji Hye will make a big twist with her “Han Ba Da cosplay” in which she “completely transformed” from head to toe.

TV CHOSUN’s weekend mini-series “Red Balloon” (written by Moon Young Nam/directed by Jin Hyung Wook/produced by Chorokbaem Media, Higround) tells the story of main character Jo Eun Kang (Seo Ji Hye) and her circle of friends and relatives, who wish to fulfill their goals after having prior setbacks. Together, they find themselves entangled in multiple conflicts and affairs.

Red Balloon Seo Jihye

Episode 16 of “Red Balloon” recorded a nationwide rating of 9.5% and the highest rating per minute of 10.2% based on Nielsen Korea, breaking the drama’s highest viewership ratings for 3 consecutive episodes. In terms of drama TV topicality and search response in the second week of February (announced by TV topicality analysis agency Good Data Corporation), “Red Balloon” proved its explosive topicality by making it into the top 3.

In episode 17 to be broadcast on Feb 18th (today), Seo Ji Hye will present a “shocking image change” in which she transformed into Han Ba Da (Hong Soo Hyun) with a sophisticated style. In the drama, Jo Eun Kang is sitting in a cafe with Han Ba Da’s appearance. Jo Eun Kang wears a short-haired wig, a pink tweed two-piece, a pink silk scarf and long boots. In other words, she wears the same style that Han Ba Da usually wears.

Red Balloon Seo Jihye

Viewers are raising curiosity about the reason why Jo Eun Kang tried to make a bold transformation into Han Ba Da as well as the story of Jo Eun Kang, who caused shock.

Meanwhile, episode 17 of TV CHOSUN’s weekend mini-series “Red Balloon” will air at 9:10 PM on Feb 18th (today).

Source: Naver

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