Recording 1% and being overshadowed by Song Joong Ki’s “Reborn Rich” but Lee Hyo Ri’s new show delivers more than ratings

Lee Hyo Ri’s new variety show “Canada Check-in” fails to earn high ratings.

Lee Hyo Ri’s new variety show, tvN’s “Canada Check-in”, is recording a rating of 1%. This is a somewhat shocking result for Lee Hyo Ri, who is considered a guarantee for high viewership ratings and buzzworthiness. However, as Lee Hyo Ri said, “I think I’m a pioneer. I don’t follow the production team. The production team should follow me.” “Canada Check-in” succeeds in giving a touching impression by delivering more than viewership ratings.

“Canada Check-in”, which was first broadcast on December 17th, is a program that depicts the 12-day journey of Lee Hyo Ri to Canada to see the abandoned dogs she sent to new families for adoption. This is her second check-in series following “Seoul Check-in”, which was first broadcast in April.

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However, “Canada Check-in” has neither fancy guests nor stimulating material. Although it is a travel program, it does not try to capture Canadian landmarks or the beautiful nature.

The production team also accompanied Lee Hyo Ri with a minimum number of people. This is because “Canada Check in” was not an idea planned by the production team in the first place. At the time of filming, the filming team was limited because it was not known that there would be a show to be broadcast, and it was just for the purpose of recording. There was no audio team either. Lee Hyo Ri filmed with her phone while the filming director was sleeping. “Canada Check-in” is basically Lee Hyo Ri’s personal trip documented in a video.

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In the first episode of “Canada Check-in”, Lee Hyo Ri explained why many abandoned dogs get adopted overseas, especially Canada, and talked about mobile outreach.

The scene of Lee Hyo Ri’s reunion with the dogs sent to Canada for adoption impressed viewers. Lee Hyo Ri shed tears as she reunited with “San”, whom she rescued and sent for adoption. Afterwards, she once again cried when seeing “Gongson”, whom had been with her for 2 years after being rescued on the street. During this process, Lee Hyo Ri’s fluent English was also surprising.

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However, the ratings were 1.6%, which left a disappointment. This can only be said to have been influenced by the dominance of “Reborn Rich” starring Song Joong Ki. This is because “Reborn Rich” recorded 22.5% that day. Still, “Canada Check-in” clearly has value that cannot be judged simply by ratings.

Source: Daum

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