Recent status of female star who was raised under father’s strict education because she was so pretty

It is known that Jang Gyu Ri’s father was very strict with her because she has boasted an outstanding visual since her childhood.

Jang Gyu Ri’s father was a military officer. Noticing that Gyu Ri has a beautiful appearance, he decided to raise his daughter with strict education from an early age to prevent her from wandering.


Perhaps thanks to that, Jang Gyu Ri is famous for her fearless personality and she’s not even afraid of ghosts. The female idol once shared, “My father is very scary”.

Growing up under strict education, Jang Gyu Ri achieved the top spot at school with only one determination to become a celebrity. She spent one year of middle school studying abroad in Richmond, Virginia, the U.S. 


Later, Jang Gyu Ri entered the Department of Acting at Seoul Institute of the Arts a year early. After appearing in Mnet’s girl group survival audition show “Idol School” in 2017, she made her debut as a member of fromis_9 after only 11 months of training. In July last year, she left fromis_9 and turned to acting, which was her original dream. 

Jang Gyuri

Starring in the drama “Cheer Up” as the main character Tae Cho Hee, Jang Gyu Ri won Best New Actress at the 2022 SBS Drama Awards. During an interview after the drama ended, she shared, “I can feel that people who loved me during my idol activities are still supporting me. I worked very hard on the filming set because I wanted to repay them.”

jang gyuri

After establishing a solid position as an actress, Jang Gyu Ri got cast as the female lead of the drama “Player 2” in January. Season 1 led by Jung Soo Jung was aired in 2018, and Jang Gyu Ri will work with Song Seung Heon in Season 2.

Source: Daum

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