Reasons why Jisoo deserves better: Neglected by YG the most in BLACKPINK, no solo debut, first female lead role faces controversy

Compared to other BLACKPINK members, Jisoo seems to be the most unlucky one.

The controversy over “discrimination”, “mistreatment” within BLACKPINK is a never-ending topic of discussion among fans. Solo fandom of each member always complain that their bias gets the worst treatment in the group.

However, when looking back at the solo debuts of 3 members JennieLisaRosé and witnessing Jisoo‘s getting involved in a serious controversy over her first female lead role in Snowdrop recently, many netizens have come to the conclusion that Jisoo is the most pitiful member in BLACKPINK!

Getting pushed before debut but… things took a turn after debut

Jisoo is the BLACKPINK member who was pushed by YG during the group’s pre-debut. Before officially debuting, she had the opportunity to star in several MVs such as Spoiler (Epik High), I’m Different (Suhyun of AKMU), act in a CF with Lee Min Ho, have a cameo appearance in the drama Producers… Many fans assumed that Jisoo would become the most outstanding member of BLACKPINK, the visual that is favored by the company. However, after BLACKPINK actually debuted, Jisoo gradually got overshadowed by other members and was not taken good care of by YG compared to her pre-debut days.

Why Jisoo deserves better
Jisoo took part in many personal schedules during pre-debut, but after debut is a different story…

Despite being the group’s visual, Jisoo is often dressed is the least outstanding outfits

For many K-pop groups, visual members are often those who are dressed in the most eye-catching outfits. However, in BLACKPINK, Jisoo is the least noticeable member of the group due to her outfits. 

Jisoo’s fans get disappointed with her outfits every comeback. It’s always some member who takes the spotlight fashion-wise and not Jisoo. Most recently during the Lovesick Girls promotion in October 2020, fans were furious with the stylist for making Jisoo wear weird and embarrassing clothes. If it weren’t for her pretty face, it would be hard to still look good in these outfits!

Why Jisoo deserves better
The members all had outstanding outfits
Why Jisoo deserves better
From Jennie
Why Jisoo deserves better
To Rose
Why Jisoo deserves better
Meanwhile, Jisoo barely had the chance to wear the prettiest outfits 
Why Jisoo deserves better

Sad stories about Jisoo’s MV screen time, thumbnail, and songs line distribution

Apart from disappointing outfits and concepts, Jisoo’s line and screen time distributions are all not as many as that of other members. In all 9 music videos of BLACKPINK, Jisoo was always the person that received the lowest screen time despite being one of the top visuals of KPOP Gen 3.

It was also said that Jisoo’s singing lines in all BLACKPINK songs were the lowest. Known as the group’s lead vocal, Jisoo only has 2 lines in “Ice Cream”. In addition, she has never been seen on BLACKPINK’s MV thumbnail while Jennie, Lisa and Rosé’s photos were all chosen for thumbnails before.

Why Jisoo deserves better
In all songs released by BLACKPINK, Jisoo has the least lines overall
Jisoo’s screen times in BLACKPINK music videos are also the least among 4 members
Why Jisoo deserves better
Solo photos of all members, except for Jisoo, were selected for their MV thumbnails

Often being forgotten by YG, becoming a “supporting role” in her own group

Although Jisoo’s official positions in BLACKPINK are visual and lead vocal, fans pointed out that she has never been treated fairly with her potential and influence. BLACKPINK only has 4 members but YG has unintentionally forgotten about Jisoo numerous times.

From the debut days of BLACKPINK, Jisoo’s popularity has always been lower than the other 3 members because YG didn’t push her nor give her any solo activities. In most of the interviews with foreign media outlets, Jisoo’s screen times were often cut out. In addition, Jisoo was not even allowed to answer any questions because she couldn’t speak English as fluently as the rest of the 3 members. Therefore, fans voiced their complaints that Jisoo was mistreated and was not given the opportunity to show off her ability in BLACKPINK’s overseas promotions.

Why Jisoo deserves better
Fans raged at YG because they couldn’t see Jisoo in BLACKPINK’s Dance Practice Video poster
Why Jisoo deserves better
Former CEO of YG also forgot Jisoo when he posted BLACKPINK’s promotional photos
Why Jisoo deserves better
In “Ice Cream” MV, Jisoo sings only a few lines and has little screen time. Moreover, her face in the MV was cut in such an unacceptable way 
Why Jisoo deserves better
During “How You Like That” comeback promotion, YG made Jisoo fans angry as they forgot to put Jisoo’s photos on their Instagram’s photo layout
Why Jisoo deserves better
Jisoo was not found in a documentary video of BLACKPINK
Why Jisoo deserves better
Jisoo’s sad expressions were noticed in interviews when she was left out among members

Having the first solo project as an actress but constantly getting into trouble

In November 2018, after Jennie was given a solo debut by YG, the company promised that following Jennie’s debut would be the projects of the remaining members.  In early 2020, YG said that after releasing Black Pink’s full-album in October, Rosé, Lisa and Jisoo would release solo songs, respectively.

However, so far, Lisa and Rosé have finished their debut, but there is still no news about Jisoo’s solo debut.  Many people believe that it will definitely be a long time till Jisoo can release her own song.

Why Jisoo deserves better
Jennie, Rosé and Lisa respectively had solo debuts.  How long does Jisoo have to wait?

Well, it’s okay to delay the solo debut a little longer because at least this year Jisoo has her own project as an actress.  It seemed that the end of 2021 would be the “blooming” time for Jisoo and fans, but bad luck still followed her. Snowdrop, the first drama Jisoo played the female lead, was caught in the controversy of distorting history, and encountered a wave of massive boycotts from Korean netizens.

Why Jisoo deserves better
It’s unknown when Jisoo will be able to make her solo debut, while her first drama as a lead is controversial

After 2 episodes premiered, a petition with 300,000 signatures asked the Blue House to ban Snowdrop from broadcasting, more than 20 brands announced to withdraw their sponsorship.  Jisoo became the focus of criticism of Korean netizens.  Although JTBC has confirmed that the next episodes of Snowdrop will clear up misunderstandings, fans are still very worried.

Why Jisoo deserves better
BLACKPINK’s eldest member has once again struggled with her solo career

Jisoo is such a pitiful girl as the company doesn’t focus on investing in her and then she keeps getting in trouble with her first lead role.  Hopefully in 2022, Jisoo will have better luck and her efforts will be rewarded.


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