Reasons behind Girls’ Generation’s 5-year halt come to light 

It was revealed the 5-year period was for members’ self-care and personal development. 

In the seventh episode of Girls’ Generation’s reality show “Soshi Tam Tam” airing on jTBC, members of the group shedded tears when talking about their 5-year absence. They were feeling emotional, remembering the days of the 10th debut anniversary in 2017. It was also the year 3 members Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun ended their contracts with SM Entertainment. From there on, Girls’ Generation’s activities were halted. 

Tiffany recalled, before halting the group activities, she was frequently sleepless and under the side effects of caffeine consumption. The female singer shared that: “I was usually sleep-deprived during the promotional periods. We had to use energy drinks or caffeine to keep our spirits up. After that, I suffered from many side effects. My heart was always pounding. I could not sleep and my hands were shaking at night”. 

Girls’ Generation reunited for their 15th debut anniversary.

“We worked around 300 days each year. In 2017, to celebrate our 10-year debut, we released an album and held a concert. I wanted to do all I could on the thought that, after that mark, I needed to balance the group’s activities and personal life. I wanted to spend a period afterwards for myself”, the singer added. 

Tiffany was one of the 3 members that left SM Entertainment after their contract ended. Whereas the other 5 members Yoona, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Yuri and Sunny continued working at the entertainment company. After releasing their music works in 2017, Girls’ Generation postponed their activities for 5 years so that the members could build their solo careers. Most recently, the group made their comeback with the album “FOREVER 1” and a music video of the same name. 

Tiffany spoke of Girls’ Generation’s hiatus for 5 years. 

“There were a lot of troubles and sometimes I felt lost. However, after seeing 8 members together like this, I realize the hiatus was worth it. Because we were able to spend time for ourselves in those 5 years. I did not regret anything about that period”, Tiffany shared. 

Sooyoung added: “In that period, we thought, once breaking up, the group could hardly continue working together. We cried in the waiting room”.

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