Reason Hyuna & Yong Jun-hyung Decided To Get Married So Quickly, “Trust & Confidence”

Singers Hyuna (32 years old) and Yong Jun-hyung (35 years old) will officially become a married couple this October

On July 8th, Hyuna’s agency AT AREA announced that the female singer will hold her wedding with Yong Jun-hyung in October. Yong Jun-hyung’s agency BLACKMADE also confirmed the marriage news, adding “The two came up with the marriage decision based on their deep affection and trust for each other”.

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The couple drew keen attention as they decided to get married less than a year after publicizing their romance earlier this year. Hyuna’s side said, “Hyuna promised to marry Yong Jun-hyung who has shared great comfort with her in every difficult moment”.

Hyuna has always been sincere about her love life. In the past, when the company tried to hide her romance with her ex-boyfriend Dawn, Hyuna reversed the position by publicizing their relationship and admitted that she did not want to hide it. 

The fact that Hyuna decided to get married less than a year after dating him publicly also proves the female singer’s strong confidence and trust in Yong Jun-hyung and the two’s solid faith in each other.

According to insiders, Hyuna and Yong Jun-hyung have developed great trust and confidence in each other ever since they started dating. Therefore, this explained that their marriage was a natural decision stemming from their extraordinary love and trust for each other.

Hyuna debuted with Wonder Girls in 2007 then re-debuted in 4Minute and is currently active as a solo singer with various hit songs such as “Change”, “Bubble Pop!”, “Red”, “I’m Not Cool”, etc. 

Yong Jun-hyung debuted as a member of BEAST (currently HIGHLIGHT) in 2009 but withdrew from the team in 2019 due to suspicions of his involvement in Jung Joon-young’s scandal. He’s currently doing activities as a solo artist.

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