Real Weathercasters Clarify Misunderstandings Due to “The Glory”: Monthly Salary of 2.2 Million Won Like Yeon Jin?

Korean weathercasters are suffering from misunderstandings following the success of Netflix’s original series ‘The Glory’.

On June 2nd, SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” featured SBS weathercasters Nam Yu Jin and An Soo Jin.

When the story of Park Yeon Jin (played by Lim Ji Yeon) from “The Glory” was mentioned, they collectively expressed their frustration.

Ahn JiHye The Glory

Both of them lamented, “There are many differences from reality. It’s frustrating because people might misunderstand.

First, they clarified the misunderstanding regarding ‘ghostwriting’. They emphasized that neither the broadcasting company nor the weathercasters hire writers to write their scripts, even if they pay for it.

They also explained the scene where a high-end shoe store employee follows Yeon Jin and hands her high heels.

They said, “We don’t wear shoes like that. Only our upper body appears on screen, so we even wear sneakers,” to clarify the misconception.

lim ji yeon

Regarding the scene of Yeon Jin being pushed out of the program due to her age, they said, “It’s really heartbreaking.

Soo Jin, who is a weathercaster for the 6 a.m. program, said, “I anchor the early morning news, and people who watch drama might think, ‘She’s being pushed out because of her age, so why is she doing that?’” 

The weathercasters were cautious about Park Yeon Jin’s monthly salary of 2.2 million won. They said, “It seems to be a sensitive issue. We are freelancers, not regular employees, so the amount we receive varies depending on the broadcasting company and time slot.

Source: Insight. 

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