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Ratings in the 0% range…Entertainment pros but are receiving embarrassing result

It has been a long time since the entire group of Girls’ Generation appeared but viewers’ reactions are lackluster.

For the first time in a while, all eight members of Korea’s representative girl group Girls’ Generation all gather to show various sides through their own reality program “Soshi Tamtam” since July 5th. It has been a long time since the entire group of Girls’ Generation appeared but viewers’ reactions are sad. The “Penthouse”, which has offered as much as 400 million won in prize money, is also on alert for ratings. In the golf entertainment program market, “Hole in One” is also firmly tasting the bitterness. 

◆ A messy “Soshi Tamtam”

It is unexpected that JTBC’s “Soshi Tamtam” cannot escape from the low rating despite the appearance of the entire Girls’ Generation, which was known as a rating guarantee check. Before this, Girls’ Generation has shown themselves through exclusive programs such as “Channel Soshi” and “Girls Forest.” These programs have achieved their own results by introducing hot keywords among people in their 20s or by introducing certain concepts such as traveling to beautiful and wonderful places.

However, ‘Soshi Tamtam’ is all over the place. Girls’ Generation members hold parties, travel, shop, eat, and work in rural areas. They also enjoy activities such as riding off-road luge. They also play games prepared by the production team. The production team seems to have tried to show the true side of Girls’ Generation through these various activities. In the program information introduced on the website, this show is a “Reality, talk show, game show, cooking show, documentary, and variety show!” Regardless of genre, it is introduced as a coveted broadcast that only Girls’ Generation can show. 

However, too much is not enough. For fans, it didn’t really hit home what mature Girls’ Generation wanted to show. It just feels like “a mixed soup with all the things that are popular these days.” As a result, the average audience rating from 1.2% (based on Nielsen Korea) in the first episode continues to fall to 1.0% in the second episode and 0.9% in the third episode. Compared to the entertainment JTBC’s “Camping Club”, which features senior girl group Fin.K.L. going on a trip together to mark the 21st anniversary of their debut, which aired in 2019, the show recorded the highest rating of 4.7% and the lowest rating of 2.6%.

◆ Too many money games at the moment, including ‘Penthouse’

“Penthouse,” which Channel A has been airing since the 12th, is also struggling with ratings. The average audience rating, which started with 0.7% in the first episode, fell 0.1% in the second episode to 0.6%. The program is a survival game entertainment in which participants compete to win a total prize of 400 million won, while actress and singer Eugene, who starred in the SBS drama “Penthouse,” hosted the show.

The production team prepared various elements to give the program interest and tension. Despite such investment, this program is not favored by viewers. This is because this genre of entertainment (money game) is already airing to the point that it is said to be “too many.” The concept of giving different powers to different floors is no longer fresh as has already been used in the Spanish film ‘The Platform’ released in 2019.

◆ “The Tragedy of Mimicking” is a classic reason for the falling rating

Pop culture critic Kim Heon-sik evaluated such falling ratings of entertainment program to be due to the “tragedy of imitation.” “Soshi Tamtam, Penthouse, and Hole-in-One all have one thing in common, is that they are entertainment shows that only imitate previous works,” he said. “In particular, ‘Soshi Tamtam’ is not very different in content or concept from ‘Camping Club’ where Fin.K.L went on a trip. The other two programs have already been frequently covered on TV with the survival games and golf theme,” he said. “A lot of cast members such as Ahn Jung-hwan and Heo Jae are also on other programs, so it is not new to viewers anymore.

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