Rain Reveals Moment That Made Him Want To Marry Kim Tae-hee 

Singer Rain recalled his first meeting with his wife, actress Kim Tae-hee, and opened up about their fateful moment

On May 23rd, the YouTube channel “Jo Hyun-ah’s Thursday Night” uploaded a new content video featuring the guest appearance of singer Rain.

Jo Hyun-ah said, “People do a challenge to earn 10 billion won or get married with Kim Tae-hee. He did both!”, adding “But the fact that you married Kim Tae-hee was unimaginable. I wondered if two top stars dating is possible but seeing you two live well, I realized that everyone has a destiny and timing”.


In response, Rain said, “Maybe I should not say this but I didn’t plan to marry anyone. I never thought about marriage but when I saw my wife, it’s like a destiny in a movie”.

He continued, “We weren’t each other’s ideal type. I was told that I’m filming an advertisement with Kim Tae-hee. I went to the shooting site and she was so polite. She said ‘hi’ and I thought ‘why is her voice ringing in my ears?’”.

Rain shared, “While fixing makeup, I kept hearing her voice. The point where I got attracted to her was… there was a catering service while filming an advertisement. I was getting food from the catering and I heard her beside me. I saw her and she was getting food too. I wondered, ‘Why is she getting so much food?’. I think she ate twice of what I ate. There was a bunch of beef, steamed galbi”.

He added, “And this is the hit point. She gave it to her manager. I realized that God gave me one last chance with this woman. So I decided that I wanted to marry her. I felt like I could throw away my existence for her”, expressing his affection for Kim Tae-hee.

Source: wikitree

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