Rain Recalled Being Rejected By Kim Tae-hee At First,”She Said She Liked Handsome Men”

Singer and actor Rain revealed his love story with his wife Kim Tae-hee for the first time.

“At first, when I hit the peak of my popularity, I thought I should stop (my entertainment activities),” Rain said in a episode of the YouTube show “Zzan Bro” hosted by comedian Shin Dong-yeop, which was released on June 3. “But I wanted to thrive more and my greed was endless. I felt like I was drinking salt water. I was about to go on a trip because I thought I shouldn’t hang myself here, then I got to meet Kim Tae-hee on the set of an ad,” he said.

Rain then confessed, “We had different ideal types. I don’t think I should say this, but she wasn’t my type. And I was not hers, either. At first she said she liked handsome guys, and she said I was not her type. I couldn’t stand it, so I called her after getting her number.”

bi rain

He said, “At that time, I called and asked her out for a meal but Kim Tae-hee repeatedly refused. Then, I had a certain desire to win. I thought, ‘Why not me? I’m a fine man, too.’ I asked her, ‘I will go to the military in two weeks, can you go out with me?’ but she said no. So it was over.”

Rain then recalled, “It was about a year later. When I was on vacation from the military, I accidentally sent Kim a wrong text message. Then I asked her, “I’m on vacation, let’s have a meal together,” and she finally said, “Okay.” That’s how it started.”

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