Rain: “J. Y. Park opposes my challenge of being a planner… I’m sure he did the same to Bang Si-hyuk”

Singer Rain revealed an anecdote in which senior J. Y. Park discouraged him from being a planner.

MBC’s entertainment program “Radio Star”, which aired at 10:20 PM on May 11th, was decorated as the special episode “Young Boss’ True Colors” featuring Rain, Lee Jung, Ravi and chef Jung Ho-young.

On this day, Rain said, “I founded Rain Company in 2015. People around me worried a lot at that time. J. Y. Park told me not to do it. He knows how difficult it is because he’s a planner and singer.”

radio star

He complained jokingly, “J. Y. Park asked me ‘You’re doing well as an actor and singer, so why would you have to plan?’ But on the other hand, I also wanted to try it. J. Y. Park was 29 years old when he produced me. He was 27~28 years old when he produced god. He did it then told me not to do it.”

radio star

At the same time, Rain mentioned the world-class group BTS, “In my opinion, J. Y. Park would have told Bang Si-hyuk not to do it too. But what happened to Bang Si-hyuk now?”

Source: Daum

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