Rain “I’ll teach Kim Tae-hee”… Being humiliated because of Kim Yu-na? (Radio Star)

Singer-actor Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) confessed the trauma he suffered because of Kim Yu-na.

In the 768th episode of MBC’s entertainment show “Radio Star” that aired on May 11th, Rain, Lee Jung, Ravi and Jung Ho-young appeared as guests. Rain, who is famous for his “Three Gangs A Day” meme, has a new meme candidate song. This is “Oppa” (feat. HyunA), a song written and composed by Rain. HyunA previously appeared on “Radio Star” and said, “It’s a song that I play next to Dawn whenever he wants to laugh.”

Rain was embarrassed when the song was played. Kim Gu-ra asked, “What does your wife (Kim Tae-hee) say about this song?” Rain replied, “She doesn’t interfere with my work at all.” When Kim Gu-ra said “Go ask her today”, Rain promised, “I’ll teach her when I get home. I’ll definitely do that stage with HyunA if you want.”

Rain also revealed his trauma about “Radio Star”. He said, “(In the past) I said I wouldn’t appear, but I appeared and recorded for about 8 hours. However, at that time, Kim Yu-na appeared on ‘The Knee-Drop Guru’ and I only had 5 minutes of appearance when ‘Radio Star’ went on air.”

Rain founded the entertainment agency Rain Company in 2015. He shared, “People around me worried a lot at that time. J. Y. Park told me not to do it.” Rain then said, “J. Y. Park knows how difficult it is because he’s a planner and singer. He asked me ‘You’re doing well as an actor and singer, so why would you have to plan?’ But I wanted to challenge myself. J. Y. Park was 29 years old when he produced me. He was 27~28 years old when he produced god. He did it then told me not to do it. J. Y. Park would have told Bang Si-hyuk not to do it too. But Bang Si-hyuk’s company is doing very well, right?”

The group Rain produced is Ciipher. He confessed, “I’m betting my life on Ciipher’s success. I feel like I’m seeing myself 25 years ago. These friends were hurt. They told me ‘Give us another chance.’ I was also like that when I was young. After failing 18 auditions, I met J. Y. Park. I’d be happy if Ciipher could stand on their own feet rather than anything else.”

Rain recalled the days when he and Se7en were rivals. Rain revealed, “J. Y. Park suddenly said ‘Your opponent appeared and he’s much better than you. I’m sorry, but I don’t think you can beat him.’ He was Se7en. He was very good at dancing. In the meantime, J. Y. Park raised a battle before our debut. Yang Hyun-suk and J. Y. Park wanted to make us like Deux. However, both of them said ‘My kid is better’, so this plan failed.”

Source: Daum

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