“Queenmaker” starring “Queens of Acting” Kim Hee Ae and Moon So Ri tops non-English language TV on Netflix

Netflix’s “Queenmaker” has topped the non-English language TV category in the TOP 10 TV rankings.

After its release, “Queenmaker” recorded 15.87 million viewing hours in three days, topping the non-English language TV category in Netflix’s TOP 10 and receiving acclaim by making it to the TOP 10 list in 12 countries. 

“Queenmaker” is a Netflix political series that tells the story of Hwang Do Hee (Kim Hee Ae), a genius in image-making and a former executive in a large company’s strategic planning department, who jumps into the election to make human rights lawyer Oh Kyung Sook (Moon So Ri) become Seoul’s mayor.


The response from domestic and foreign media and viewers to “Queenmaker” has been positive. Overseas insider evaluations include “The composition and acting are both outstanding. Just by watching the first episode, you can see that it’s a personal and professional political show where various ideas and strategies flow freely.” 

The intense and meticulous performances of the actors who portrayed the personalities that revealed their ambition for power are receiving praise.

“Queenmaker” attracted attention with the first collaboration of “Queens of Acting” Kim Hee Ae and Moon So Ri. The mature chemistry that emanates from the clash and fusion of the unbeatable force of Hwang Do Hee with strong ambition and the aura of Oh Kyung Sook, who is not afraid of even the most powerful conglomerates, is compelling. 


Kim Hee Ae said, “At first, we were like enemies, but as we work towards the same goal, we discover each other’s true selves and become harmonized. When two very different beings meet, they produce tremendous synergy.” Moon So Ri stated, “At first, it was a strategic alliance, but as we experience many things together and understand each other, we see the moments when we look at the world with the same heart and eyes.

Kim Hee Ae, who showed a strong fighting spirit and top-class charisma, reminisced about the set where all the actors were fully immersed in their roles, just like on a theatrical stage, and where they could handle any kind of acting like playing jazz, saying, “I felt a thrilling pleasure as an actor.” 

Source: Daum. 

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