“Queendom 2” reached 1.4%, twice that of “Kingdom”: Brave Girls received 0 vote at the first team meeting

The first episode of Mnet’s “Queendom 2”, the girl group comeback battle which recently marked a refreshing start, received a maximum viewer rating of 1.4%.   

According to Nielsen Korea, Mnet’s “Queendom 2,” which aired its 1st episode on Mar 31st, recorded an average viewer rating of 1% (based on metropolitan areas and paid households) and the minute with the highest viewer rating recorded 1.4%. This is a record that nearly doubled compared to “Queendom 1” (0.5%) broadcasted in 2019 and “Kingdom: Legendary War” (0.45%) broadcasted in 2021. In particular, the show ranked first in the female teenager audience group across terrestrial, general, and cable channels, confirming a high response to “Queendom 2.”

In the first episode, VIVIZ, LOONA, Brave Girls, WJSN, Kep1er, and Hyolyn one after another showed opening performances full of their charms, marking a spectacular start. In addition, Grand Master Taeyeon dominated the atmosphere with her calm voice and played a central role in Queendom 2. Queen manager Lee Yong-jin also added to the fun with his witty talk. 

Queendom 2

Subsequently, the scene of their first team meeting was revealed. Brave Girls, the icon of rebounding on the chart, showed their willingness to “go beyond just a rebound icon and establish themselves as a girl group.” VIVIZ, who re-debuted as a trio from their former group GFRIEND, was burdened by the heavy expectations for them, but also showed a relaxed and confident appearance as an experienced rookie. Kep1er, who made their debut through a global girl group survival project, showed their rookie spirit and passion, while LOONA, who are still together tightly as a team despite difficult situations, vowed to “show a confident appearance.” WJSN, who was the No. 1 recruitment request from fans for “Queendom 2,” raised expectations with their pride in their discographies, and Hyolyn, who participated as the only soloist, drew cheers from everyone with her charisma.

Queendom 2

Subsequently, the names that each team picked as their competitors were revealed. Brave Girls chose VIVIZ, and WJSN chose Hyolyn, Hyolyn chose Kep1er, Kep1er chose LOONA, and LOONA chose WJSN as their rivals. Brave Girls, the only team that wasn’t pointed out as any team’s rival, soothed their regret, saying, “We haven’t shown anything so far, so I thought we should show something better in the future.”

While each team accelerated their preparations ahead of the first competition, LOONA was unable to participate in the competition due to the members’ positive PCR test results, leaving regret.

The first competition began with a special evaluation audience team consisting of fans and rookie idols. The main character of the first stage is VIVIZ. VIVIZ, who prepared GFRIEND‘s songs “Time for the moon night” and “Rough” as their competing songs, expressed their determination, saying, “We will show that the three of us can do well enough.” VIVIZ stepped into the competition with more nervousness than ever, but they still filled the stage with stable performances and perfect synchronized dance, making their fans in the audience respond with tears of emotion.

Queendom 2

As the 2nd performer, Hyolyn chose SISTAR‘s “Touch My Body“. Hyolyn, who appeared in everyone’s expectations, used the entire stage like an all-rounder artist and presented a cool and colorful performance reminiscent of a festival. In particular, Hyolyn completed her stage perfectly even though her shoes fell off before the start of the stage and she had to take a temporary measure.

Meanwhile, “Queendom 2” determines the final ranking by adding the final competition’s score to the first, second, and third rounds’ scores. The final competition’s score will be calculated by adding the cumulative video score, pre-released song score and live voting score. The finale 1st place on “Queendom 2” will be given a chance to have a premium comeback show that will be broadcast simultaneously around the world. In addition, a penalty is given to the group that ranked sixth in each round. The team that finished sixth for 2 consecutive times in three preliminary performances will immediately be eliminated from “Queendom 2“.

The first competition of “Queendom 2“, which is held under the theme of “Representative Hit Song“, will be ranked on a total of 10,000 points, including 6,000 points from the on-site evaluation team, 3,000 points from the global evaluation team and 1,000 points from Queendom’s self-evaluation. The on-site evaluation team can vote for two teams after watching all six teams’ performances, and duplicate voting is not possible. “Queendom 2” airs every Thursday at 9:20 PM.

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