Prominent Evidence of BLACKPINK’s Lisa Neglected and Treated Unequally by YG Compared to Rosé and Jisoo

Mounting evidence suggests Lisa has departed from YG Entertainment

On the afternoon of September 24th, Lisa was present at Incheon Airport (South Korea) to depart for France to participate in a performance at the famous Crazy Horse Club. Notably, there were no bodyguards accompanying the youngest member of BLACKPINK on this trip. Even her close manager only came to see Lisa off for a brief moment in the airport lobby before leaving.

Meanwhile, both Rosé and Jisoo had bodyguards and managers who provided enthusiastic support during their recent airport appearances a few days ago. This stark contrast has led netizens to raise suspicions that Lisa is being treated differently by YG Entertainment compared to the Korean members of BLACKPINK. Some fans even believe that the youngest member, Lisa, is being neglected and not cared for by the management company. Thus, speculation about Lisa not renewing her contract with YG has been buzzing on social media, causing a stir among the public on the morning of September 25th.

No YG staff members accompanied Lisa to France. Even her close manager only came to see off the singer for a short while before quickly leaving.
lisa blackpink
Just over a week ago, Lisa was still accompanied by YG staff members who took care of her when she appeared at the airport. Thanks to the support of the bodyguards, the 1997-born beauty easily escaped the enthusiastic crowd on that day.
lisa blackpink
In the past, Lisa always had bodyguards accompanying her for protection and clearing the way. This contrasts sharply with Lisa’s recent appearance at Incheon Airport on the afternoon of September 24th.
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