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Prime Kingz Trix: “We’re the best even if we are eliminated from ‘Street Man Fighter’” 

Trix, the leader of Prime Kingz, which is the first team to be eliminated from “Street Man Fighter,” expressed his feelings after being eliminated on “M!Countdown.”

On Sep 22nd, Mnet’s music program “M!Countdown” featured dancers from Mnet’s entertainment program “Street Man Fighter” on a special stage. The chosen stages were “New Thing'” and “LAW,” which were presented as the Leader and Sub-leader class missions on “Street Man Fighter”. 

Among them, the “Street Man Fighter” Leader class introduced their special stage and expressed their feelings about people’s interest in “Street Man Fighter.” In response, Mbitious Crew leader 5000 said, “I am grateful for all the responses you guys have given us. We leaders and crews will all work harder in the future, so please pay attention to us.” Also, Just Jerk leader Young-jae said, “I’m so happy that there are many people asking me to take a photo with them on the street. Above all, my grandmother likes the show so much that I’m filming with pride,” he said, adding to the warm atmosphere. 

Thanks to the performance of the “Street Man Fighter” leader, the “New Thing” challenge is spreading online. When asked “Is there any challenge video that is impressive for the leaders?” In response, YGX leader Deukie mentioned MC Kang Daniel, the guardian angel of “Street Man Fighter” while Bank Two Brothers leader JROC added, “The challenge video of Zico, the original singer of the song, was the most memorable to me.” 

The Mega Crew’s mission has recently begun on “Street Man Fighter,” drawing attention. EODDAE’s leader Ted said, “The videos prepared with blood, sweat and tears by all the crew have been released. Please take a look at it,” adding, “Pressing ‘like’ is love.” 

On the other hand, leader Trix of Prime Kings, who was recently eliminated from “Street Man Fighter,” expressed his feelings about being eliminated on “M!Countdown.” He said, “Even if we failed, we Prime Kingz are the best.” He also looked to the remaining crew leaders, saying, “Please look forward to the other seven teams’ great performances, including ours as well.”

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