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Prime Kingz is the first team to be eliminated from “Street Man Fighter”: “Still can’t believe we are eliminated…Thank you for your support”

The members of the crew Prime Kingz, who were the first to be eliminated on “Street Man Fighter,” said their goodbye.

Prime Kingz leader Trix posted on his Instagram on Sep 21st, “It’s not over yet, don’t be sad, don’t feel bad, don’t be disappointed. “I hope you don’t feel hurt after watching the 5th episode.”

Trix said, “A lot of people contacted me to cheer our team on and show us their love during this program, and we’ll prove ourselves to you guys with that support and energy. There are so many things we have to show you.”

Thank you for loving Prime Kingz. I hope you will support Prime Kingz as the fresh ‘New Prime Kingz’, and not our past tense,” he wrote. “Don’t get hurt, the remaining 7 teams of ‘Street Man Fighter’, who will continue to show us their great performances! Please look forward to us too!”

It is what it is, I can’t believe we got eliminated, but I’m more upset that we can’t show you anything cooler,” said sub-leader Knucks. “Although we’re saying goodbye at the end of the 5th episode, Prime Kingz will not stop and will continue to go forward.”

He added, “I’m thankful as much as how proud I am of your support and interest, please continue to be with us!”

Prime Kingz became the first eliminated crew on Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” on Sep 20th. After the Global K-Dance Mission, Prime Kingz and Bank Two Brothers fought in the elimination battle. After a neck-and-neck race, Bank Two Brothers beat Prime Kingz and escaped elimination.

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