Pregnancy or Optical illusion? Past photo of Song Joong Ki’s alleged girlfriend draws attention 

British actress Katy Louise Saunders, Song Joong Ki’s rumored girlfriend, is a hot topic every day.  

While the photos supporting the rumors of Katy Louise Saunders’ pregnancy and childbirth in the past draw attention, claims that it is just an optical illusion are adding to the confusion.

Katy Louise Saunders

After Song Joong Ki was confirmed to be in a relationship, interest in his alleged girlfriend Katy Louise Saunders naturally intensified. Katy Louise Saunders made her debut in 2002 and appeared in several films, but has not been active as an actress since 2018. 

Rumors spread that Katy Louise Saunders gave birth to a child in the past. In particular, a picture of her taken at a brand event in Rome, Italy in March 2012 suddenly became a hot topic.

Katie Lewis Saunders

In the photo, Katy Saunders is posing in a jumpsuit and leather jacket. She was caught on camera as if she was revealing her particularly bulging D-line, so speculations were raised that she was pregnant at the time. Her belly looks more protruding than usual, but in the photo taken from a different angle, she is still posing with her hand on her slim stomach. Some people say that this is just an ‘optical illusion’ according to the angle.

Currently, Song Joong Ki has only admitted to dating. There has been no official confirmation of Katy Louise Saunders’ personal history as well as whether she is a British girlfriend who is dating Song Joong Ki.

song joong ki girlfriend thumbnail

Previously, Song Joong Ki’s agency acknowledged the existence of the actor’s girlfriend and said, “Song Joong Ki is seeing a woman with good feelings. We hope you will look at the two of them with warm eyes.” However, Song Joong Ki is keeping quiet about the identity of his girlfriend. In the meantime, various speculations and rumors have been going on for a week.

Source: Nate

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