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“Please follow the script!” Lee Mi Joo has her variety skills acknowledged by Kang Ho Dong 

Variety rising star Lee Mi Joo captivated even the veteran entertainer Kang Ho Dong. 

Former Lovelyz member Lee Mi Joo appeared as the seventh guest on “Just Come Out” released on Naver NOW on July 20th and talked with MC Kang Ho Dong on various topics.

On this day, Lee Mi Joo met Kang Ho Dong and heated up the atmosphere with her bright energy. Lee Mi Joo showed off her variety skills that she has been strengthening through various appearances in entertainment shows. Even the veteran entertainer Kang Ho Dong was impressed by Lee Mi Joo’s charm. 

Lee Mi Joo said she came without any preparation, but when Kang Ho Dong ordered various missions, she gave him a bewildered look and said, “Please do as the script says.” But then Lee Mi Joo quickly got up from her seat. She was dancing instinctively and couldn’t control her excitement, making Kang Ho Dong laugh. 

Lee Mi-joo Kang Ho-dong

Lee Mi Joo also showed her humble side, saying, “No. I’m only at the beginning,” when she was praised as a trending variety star.  Lee Mi Joo then expressed cute, sexy, and crazy versions of herself with her special tension. She was embarrassed but showed such an active attitude that it gave Kang Ho Dong an even bigger laugh.

Lee Mi Joo also talked about her personality. She said, “Because I like people, I get excited when I meet them and talk to them. It feels good to be able to talk to others.” 

Regarding the innocent image she showed during Lovelyz’s promotions, Lee Mi Joo said, “I was a rookie at the time, so I kept the boundaries of a girl group. But I couldn’t do it. I thought let’s perform on stage and show my variety side in variety shows. Since I’m a celebrity, I thought I should work hard wherever I go.” 

Recently, after being active in multiple entertainment programs and being misunderstood as a gagwoman, Lee Mi Joo responded coolly, “I’m starting to admit it,” and then added, “But I’m not a comedian. I like being called a ‘gag singer’. I’m thankful for being acknowledged that I’m good at entertainment shows. It’s cool.”

Lee Mi-joo Kang Ho-dong

Lee Mi Joo also revealed that her MBTI is ISFP and said, “I’m a complete introvert. It’s not that I don’t like meeting people, I have a good time when I meet them, but I like to go home quickly.” She added that her high tension is not forced, it’s just how she is. 

Questions about Yoo Jae Suk were obviously not left out. Lee Mi Joo, who is appearing in two fixed entertainment programs with Yoo Jae Suk, said, “I just work hard and do my best in everything rather than backing up (Yoo Jae Suk).”

She continued that she wanted to learn Yoo Jae Suk’s sharp and exceptional observation skills, as well as his attention to detail. Referring to Lee Hyori as her role model, Lee Mi Joo praised Lee Hyo Ri, saying, “She’s cool both when she’s on stage and in variety shows. She works hard at everything.”

Lee Mi Joo revealed confidence is the most important thing to her. She said, “The moment I get anxious, I feel stuck. So instead of worrying, I want to enjoy the moment.” She went on to give meaningful advice, saying, “Rather than thinking ‘I don’t think I can do it’, it’s better to think ‘I have to do it anyway. How should I do it?’”

Meanwhile, Lee Mi Joo is currently appearing in MBC’s “Hangout With Yoo” and tvN’s “Sixth Sense 2”. 

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