Pleasant behind-the-scenes cuts of “The Night Owl” revealed Ryu Jun-yeol’s close bonds with his fellow child actors 

The candid shots of the cast’s genuine relationships brought joy to the viewers. 

On the 12th, the high-flying movie “The Night Owl” with 2.5 million viewers unveiled behind-the-scenes stills with shining chemistry between Ryu Jun-yeol and the child actors.

The Night Owl

“The Night Owl” is a movie thriller about a blind acupuncturist who can only see at night and fights to reveal the truth after witnessing the death of the crown prince.

The Night Owl

The behind-the-scenes photos revealed the close ties between Ryu Jun-yeol as blind acupuncturist Kyung-soo, Kim Do-won as younger brother Kyung-jae, and Lee Joo-won as Yi Seok-cheol. Ryu Jun-yeol and child actors were seen playing pranks or piggybacking, adding mischief to their time on the set. They were also observed to stick together during breaks or preparation for filming, putting a smile on viewers of how close these actors were. 

The Night Owl

Moreover, Ryu Jun-yeol is admired for the tight bonds with the child actors. He not only took care of them so that they could adapt to the scene, but also monitored their acting together. Thanks to this, the young actors could give their best and natural performances and immerse themselves on the set to bring about a theatrical masterpiece. 

“The Night Owl” is being screened in theaters across Korea.

Source: naver

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