Pietro Beccari confirmed that Dior will strengthen their partnership with its global brand ambassador Jisoo in the future: “The meeting between Jisoo and Dior is a perfect marriage.”

Pietro Beccari – CEO of Dior has given many compliments to the brand’s global ambassador, Kim Jisoo.

Pietro Beccari, chairman of Christian Dior Couture, announced that he plans to continue and expand cooperation with Blackpink Jisoo. Beccari emphasized, “The meeting between Jisoo and Dior is a perfect marriage,” adding, “We will further expand and strengthen our partnership in the future.”

Jisoo was selected as the global ambassador for Dior last year. Thanks to this news, the relationship of the luxury France fashion brand with Korea was further solidated. The chairman of Dior praised the BLACKPINK member, “Jisoo is an amazingly kind girl. Although she is a world-famous star, she is extremely humble and intelligent. We talked many times when she came to France to attend Dior’s shows. Jisoo always knowing how to respect and care for people around, that’s a really important virtue.”


In a video where Chairman Beccari welcomed Jisoo when she attended the Dior show in Paris, France last year, he used to make headlines with his remark, “If YG fires her, message me. I’ll take her”. This statement received the approval of Jisoo’s fans and also showed the special respect that the brand had for her.


Pietro Beccari joined the LVMH group in 2006 and was appointed chairman and CEO of Christian Dior Couture in 2018. After he took over, Dior’s sales have reported on the rise despite the pandemic crisis.


He visited Seoul on April 30 for the Dior 2022 Autumn Fashion Show at Ewha Womans University in Seoul. At the opening of Dior’s new concept store in Seongsu-dong on May 1, Beccari said, “The result of Korea becoming the center of popular culture around the world is dazzling. I hope that Dior will contribute to various social aspects to celebrate this cultural passion.”

Source: Daum

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