“Phone down”, The media turned the White House briefing into BTS fan meeting 

When BTS entered the White House briefing room, “phone down” was heard several times. 

When reporters in the White House briefing room heard BTS was about to enter, they all took out their phones to take photos and videos of BTS, so the photographers in the back shouted, ‘Put your phone down please‘, saying it would block their cameras.

In response, reporters sitting in the front fixed seats took pictures and videos of BTS while lowering their phones. Some reporters even posted them immediately on their social media accounts. 


The White House press conference room, where there is usually a serious atmosphere over discussion of domestic issues in the US such as inflation and mass shootings, as well as international issues such as the Ukraine war, was virtually reminiscent of a fan meeting event of BTS.

The White House briefing room was filled with more than 100 reporters who visited to cover BTS’s appearance in addition to the 49 fixed seats where regular reporters sat. The British daily The Guardian commented, “The White House briefing room has never been so full”.


Source: Dispatch

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