“Permanent expulsion,” Highlight’s agency reported a heavy news on Sep 16th

Highlight posted a heavy announcement regarding the upcoming fancon marking the 13th anniversary of their debut.

The agency Around Us posted an article titled “2022 Highlight Fancon [Highlight Sports Day] Illegal ticket cancellation list and other additional announcements” on its official website on Sep 16th.

Around Us said, “We will take action according to our company’s policy on a total of 12 reservations that are confirmed to have been sold with a high premium added to the regular price, or illegal transfers.” 

“The guided seats and lists were identified based on several reports, not just one, and we inform you that we are holding accurate evidence such as reservation routes, conversations, and image files,” it claimed.

The agency also released a list of people who have transferred tickets illegally and resold tickets for a much higher price, and a list of fans who are scheduled to be permanently expelled from the official fan club.

Around Us announced, “Among those mentioned as expulsed members, if you have anything to clarify, please send an email to us by midnight on Sep 17th with evidence.”

The agency said, “There are illegal sellers who say that they won’t get caught because the name of the deposit holder and the name on the reservation ticket are different. Therefore, we will also take legal action against deposit account holders who illegally receive the ticket prices,” it warned.

It also said, “The method of “changing ID” that is posted on SNS is also a wrong purchase method and illegal,” adding, “We will thoroughly compare your face with your real ID when receiving it on-site. We ask you not to halve the joy of the performance by making excessive purchases.”

Finally, the agency said, “We fully understand both the fans’ desire to eradicate illegal tickets as well as the desire to participate in the fancon. However, We sincerely ask fans not to do anything that harms themselves due to excessive actions such as revealing their personal information or purchasing illegal tickets.”

Highlight is a group newly launched in 2017 by Yoon Doo-joon, Yang Yo-seop, Lee Ki-kwang, and Son Dong-woon, who debuted as members of idol group BEAST in 2009. 

The group already has a strong fan base with many big hits. The “2022 Highlight Fancon [Highlight Sports Day]” will be held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Jung-gu, Seoul for two days from October 15th to 16th.

Source: wikitree

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