“Peak Time” contestant’s private photos leaked: partying with famous AV Actress, response from production team

A contestant on “Peak Time” has had their private photos leaked online, sparking a controversy. 

Recently, a contestant on the Korean reality survival show “Peak Time” has found himself embroiled in a controversy, as his private photos were leaked online. What’s worse, he is seen with a famous AV (Adult Video) actress in the photos.

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The man in the photos was revealed to be Karam, a member of the group The Boss, who is currently appearing on “Peak Time” as part of Team 23:00.

According to reports, the photos were leaked by A, a Japanese fan of The Boss, who posted them on Twitter. A also published several pictures of Karam smoking, partying with women at a bar or swimming pool, and even a photo of a man in what appears to be a hotel room, which A claimed to be Karam himself.


Since then, netizens have been divided in their reactions to the scandal. Some say that it is just one-sided accusations, and that there needs to be evidence to prove that the person in the photos is actually Karam. 

Others argue that as an adult, Karam is entitled to his own private life and that his actions should not be judged. However, many were shocked to hear that Karam was partying with a famous AV actress.

Netizens left comments such as, “It’s just a one-sided claim,” “It needs to be confirmed clearly,” “What does it matter if he is an adult?”, “It’s shocking that he was with an AV actress”, and “It’s shocking that an idol was like this.


In response, “Peak Time” production crew told MBN Star on the morning of March 30th that they are checking the suspicion over a member of Team 23:00’s private life.

The Boss is a four-member boy band that debuted in 2010. Karam, Injun, and Jay are currently participating in “Peak Time” and are maintaining a high ranking in the competition.

Source: Nate

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